Letter From The Minister

Our new minister The Reverend Jo Clare-Young (she/her) joined us in January 2022

Ministers Letter Spring 2022

Dear Friends,

I came across this quote this week, and I like it!

“The Christian walk is much like riding a bicycle; we are either moving forward or falling off.” Robert Tuttle

It feels very apt for this time. After two years of being limited, of cancelations and of postponements, we at last feel like maybe we can move forward. In some ways we feel like we must move forward, or we will fall off. The problem is forward isn’t a nice clear path. Forward is in a different direction for different people. Forward is sometimes three steps forward one step back. Oh, and we are weaving across the path quite a bit. God is my stabiliser I shall not wobble?

We don’t want to just return to how we always did things. On the other hand, we don’t want to throw out the good bits along with the no longer needed bits. And we are scared we might get a puncture.

As we put our feet on the pedals and try to get going again, we are all going to pedal at different speeds. It is important that we remember we are one body, and that we try to go in unity, no matter who or where we are, or how fast we feel able to move.

Whether people are or aren’t returning to the building, whether people are or aren’t online, we are still one body. We need to offer each other grace to move at our pace. We need to be flexible too, and to keep our eyes on God, and to remember to ring our bell as we travel.

May God go with us as we find new paths to travel, may God guide us to new places, and may we ride together, at our own speeds.