Who we are.

This church community welcomes everyone. We strive to provide opportunities and possibilities that enable us all to encounter God. We include all ages, genders, and abilities; all beliefs, backgrounds and opinions; and all people who seek to understand God and love others.

Our differences help us to grow in the Christian faith, to develop our understanding of that faith, and to live out our part in God’s mission to the world, through our everyday lives, in our words and actions.

We welcome all.

We believe in God as revealed in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We respect that others find encounters with God in different ways, and commit to dialogue and journeying together so we can work with one another to share love in the world.

This church community does not hold all the answers and sits with the ‘I don’t knows’ as much as the ‘this is what it says’. We believe that Jesus calls us to continually learn and seek to live faithful lives in this ever-changing world, excluding no one; but being wise and mindful of difference, while following guidelines for keeping people safe.

We welcome all ages.

We welcome the children who cannot sit still and the elderly who wish they could still dance. The young challenge us with ideas, curiosity, and noise, while the old challenge us with what has gone before, their wisdom, and their questions. We provide a safe environment and a judgement-free foundation for those of all ages to grow in faith and discover their own opinions and sense of self.

We welcome all abilities.

We welcome those who are up for mucking in and getting their hands dirty; those who love to be in the thick of it. We also welcome those to take time to settle in; who prefer the way of watching, waiting, being the nudging voice of reason; and who wholeheartedly support and encourage others.

We welcome all backgrounds.

We welcome those who appreciate silence and traditional worship styles, and those who value interaction and active engagement. We welcome those who love a guitar and tambourine, and those who enjoy the sound of the organ and piano. We also welcome those who love a shaker, scarf or occasional flag.

We welcome the poor, the rich, and the in-between; the just-coping-financially and the living-off-the-kids’-inheritance. While we need and welcome all contributions, mission is our main focus, not money.

We welcome all opinions.

We welcome those who struggle with different views on theology, life, politics, childrearing, cooking, business, education, and how to wash up properly. We strive to encourage dialogue about all issues; we want any concerns to be out in the open and we will listen to anyone who wants to talk. Although conflict in churches is often considered to be failure, we believe that conflict will occur amongst imperfect people, and it is how we deal with it that sets us apart as followers of the Prince of Peace. We accept that we will not always get it right. As followers of Jesus’ Way, let us listen, speak, hear, love, support, and walk together, even in our differences.

Our welcome to all, truly is just that.

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