Who we are

This church community welcomes everyone. We strive to provide opportunities and possibilities that enable us all to encounter God. We include all ages, genders, and abilities; all beliefs, backgrounds and opinions; and all people who seek to understand God and love others.

Our differences help us to grow in the Christian faith, to develop our understanding of that faith, and to live out our part in God’s mission to the world, through our everyday lives, in our words and actions.

Over the past 10 years we have developed as a Church, the redeveloped Church building (completed in 2006) is now a busy place and we have sought new ways of working together as a church and of engaging with local people. We have worship for all ages throughout the week and also groups use the space for Pilates, singing, mental health support and the Historical Society; it is also used on an occasional basis for Town Council meetings and other events.

We have rebuild our old hall to create the Mead Centre, a more flexible and accessible space in the middle of the town (click here for more details). The Mead Centre is a Community Building that supports Community Building.

We believe that walking alongside each other, developing good relationships, forging friendships and sharing in fellowship are vital to a spiritually vibrant Church community. This equips us to live authentically in our daily lives in the wider world.