Mead Centre

The Mead Centre will be a unique space at the centre of Newport Pagnell that has been created by the United Reformed Church in partnership with the wider community.

Our state of the art, multipurpose building will be a welcoming space for individuals, clubs, families, businesses and other community groups to gather.

The vision for the Mead Centre is to be a place of community in which to meet, celebrate, learn, grow, share and make a difference, making it possible to transform lives and enrich society.

Our desire is for the Mead Centre to be accessible to everyone in the community, raising awareness, understanding and active participation. It will be vibrant, joyful, adaptable and spontaneous; it will be shaped by those who use it.

Our present church hall, originally built 90 years ago on a Sunday School design, is being used by a range of local groups but is seriously dilapidated. After wide consultation and some public meetings and surveys, we have decided to demolish the hall and to replace it with the Mead Centre, named after Gordon and Glenys Mead who left a legacy which started the fund for a new building.

The Mead Centre, with a large hall, four meeting rooms, a sensory room, two differently sized kitchens and other facilities, will be a great resource, in the centre of Newport Pagnell, for an even wider range of community groups and activities. The building will incorporate the most up-to-date building methods and materials, will be environmentally efficient with regard to heating and water recycling and should cost no more to run than the present hall. Unlike the present hall the building will be able to be used by several groups at the same time and will have two storeys at one end with access to all parts for people with disabilities.

Planning permission was granted but work had to start by May 2018. Unfortunately we missed that deadline, so we are now having to re-apply to renew the planning permission The cost of the entire project will be in the region of £845,000 and we have already raised £665,000 - Thank you to all those that have donated to date.

We are now seeking help and support from the local community, from trusts and businesses to assist us to reach the target so that we can provide such a building to be a 21st century asset for the town as a whole – a place where people may meet to pursue their interests and to enjoy all the activities which the Mead Centre could be used for.

We have a Facebook page dedicated to the Mead Centre where you can find out what is going on, what events are planned, and catch up on all things Mead Centre - If you feel so inclined you can even donate to the project there.

If you would like to directly donate to the building fund of the Mead Centre click the donate button.