COVID-19 - How we are responding

We have had to stop all our church groups and activities during this time and close the church building.

However the church is MORE than just the building!

We are still endeavouring to meet, talk, pray and learn as a community.

Please feel free to get in touch for support, help, information or just a chat.


Every week we upload a video service to our YouTube Channel. This is available from Sunday morning each week. Visit our YouTube Channel to see more.

Every Sunday at 11:30 AM we host a digital time of fellowship through our video conference system - a chance for a coffee and and catch up. This is an interactive time where you can listen and contribute to the group. To be included in this group please email

For those that require it, we can provide a transcript of each of the video services from our YouTube Channel. If you would like to receive this then please contact and these can be emailed to you when available.

We continually update our Facebook page with everything we are doing and our full calendar of events.

Virtual Coffee and Chat

Twice a week we have the opportunity for conversation at our virtual coffee and chat sessions.

There is one each Wednesday at 3pm - for more information contact

and one on Thursday at 8:15pm - for more information contact

Bible Study

Each Tuesday at 8pm we have a virtual Bible study - for more information contact


We are always a praying community and COVID-19 has not changed this. We offer prayers during our weekly worship, but also share prayer concerns as they arise and as requested. If you have a prayer request, please contact

Online Resources

- URC NewportPagnell only provide the links below for information . The URC Newport Pagnell is not responsible for any content provided on the destination web sites. -

United Reformed Church website

Christian Resources to use at home from the URC

UK Government

Newport Pagnell Covid-19 Reponse Group

Roots Christian learning materials for all ages

Having to stay in?

Our Church is part of the Newport Pagnell Covid-19 response group (along with local folk, the medical centres, volunteer groups and other churches). This group has volunteers for every street in Newport Pagnell to offer assitance with shopping, information and prescriptions - for more information visit their website - - where you will find all their contact details.

This is an uncertain time for us and yet we believe in a God of love and hope. Know you are not alone!

As we offer all the possibilities above, we also offer a listening ear.

Please call our our Pastoral Team Lead on 07582 501392 if you feel you would value a conversation