After about 4 years of discussions, discernment and debate, we launch our bid to raise £500,000 to rebuild the Church Hall. Plans are in and we are now asking for support and help! The hall, built in 1924, is a one-use venue and we looked at ways of refurbishing and then redeveloping the space. But the problem was so much needed replacing. In the end it was suggested we look at rebuilding and the cost to do that was not much more. And this way we get: a multi use space, a sensory room, large double height hall, meeting rooms, an industry standard kitchen and a community hub for the next 100 years- environmentally friendly and energy efficient. can you help? We need to raise£660,000 to build it. We have £160,000. We now have to raise 500 x £1000. Why not try to raise, as a company or organization, a £1000 unit? Or half a unit at £500 or a quarter of a unit at £250? Can you as an individual give £3 or £5 or £10 a month for the next 5 years to help us realise this dream of a community space? It will be open to all and our dream is that the Church and community will work together to make it happen and to manage it, so it is of maximum benefit to the town.

We have this space we want to share. As a Church, we believe God calls us all to live and work alongside each other, building relationships, sharing what we have, caring for each other and living the love shown through Jesus’ life. This is our driver, bringing people together and enabling community.

WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU CAN HELP US RAISE THE FUNDS TO BUILD THE MEAD CENTRE? As you know we have launched the fundraising bid and are waiting for the Planning Permission decision. So we are really beginning to look at fundraising. We have the team of local fund-raisers and another team to seek grants, donations, etc. BUT we have agreed that we need to encourage regular giving by Church folk and by people in the community. If you would like to give on a regular basis by Standing Order, please notify your bank. The Payee Details are: Newport Pagnell United Reformed Church. Payee reference should begin with MC (Mead Centre) and the reference of your choice (it means we can identify it on the accounts!) and the sort code is 20-57-40 and the account number 00898031. ALL regular donations (large or small) are welcomed and we encourage you to think about how you can help. AND DON’T FORGET THAT IF YOU ARE A TAXPAYER YOU CAN GIFT AID YOUR DONATION AND WE GET AN EXTRA 25%- email with your name and address and Jenny will get the Treasurer to send you a Gift Aid form. Please think about doing this and encourage family and friends too.

We produced this for the Open Days- but some thought provoking ideas about what you may need to give up in order to help the Mead Centre become a reality:

Donate £3 per month for 5 years

This is only the cost of:

one cake or two ice creams or three bags of sweets!

Donate £5 per month for 5 years

This is only the cost of:

one glass of wine or one magazine or two coffees!

Donate £10 per month for 5 years

This is only the cost of:

one cinema ticket or one bottle of wine or one takeaway!


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